Year-to-date, NKLA has gained 91.09%, versus a 3.54% rise in the benchmark S&P 500 index during the same period. Hyliion hit the NYSE on Oct 2 by merging with Tortoise Acquisition Corp. It is currently ranked #22 out of 29 stocks in the Auto & Vehicle Manufacturers industry. Momentum trading isn’t real investing in ESV, but it has that added feel good to the story. Hyliion vs. Nikola Stock Nikola ( NASDAQ:NKLA ) and Hyliion ( NYSE:HYLN ) are both auto/tires/trucks companies, but which is the superior investment? It’s a better ESV play. In the 20-stock Trucking Freight industry, HYLN is ranked # 18. Rivian and BYD are likely going to be more impactful in the future of trucking than Nikola or Hyliion. Share. However, I think with the rise the day trading bubble in 2020, the copycat SPAC could actually do well. Committed to developing electrified powertrain solutions for Class 8 commercial vehicles, Hyliion announced recently that it’s preparing to hit the public market toward the end of the third quarter of 2020. Join. But which stock is the better buy now? Either way the future of zero-emission semi-trucks is coming in the 2020s. The consensus revenue estimate of $78.90 million for the full-year 2021 indicates a 78,800% surge year-over-year. Source Investor Presentation. While day traders like chasing ESV, their sentiment is skewing how valuable these companies really are and the reckoning is liable to be pretty extreme. Tesla Vs. Nikola Vs. Hyliion (With Video) FreightWaves {{following ? However, the popularity of these companies generating higher price returns indicates a sign of overvaluation, making them extremely risky investments right now. Hyliion has two products, a hybrid drive system for existing diesel- powered trucks, and … Either way, there’s a big difference between today’s $2 billion market cap for Hyliion and the $24 billion market cap for Nikola, both with no current revenues but lots of potential. Let’s take a look. Contrarily, NKLA hit its 52-week high of $93.99 on June 9th, within 5 days of trading. Nikola Corporation (NKLA) and Hyliion Holdings Corporation (HYLN) are relatively new companies in the electric vehicle industry, and both made their stock market debuts through special-purpose acquisitions. Another electric trucking company is hitting the public markets. … Production of hydrogen-powered trucks is expected to begin by 2021, with 2,500 orders already in place. 06 Jul. Hyliion vs nikola Guided by our values, we operate with a priority on inclusion and stand with people of color in the fight for true equality. Hyliion was founded in 2015 and offers hybrid and fully-electric powertrain solutions and the deal comes after Nikola is like a clone of a clone. Analysts expect NKLA’s EPS to rise 2.3% next year, and at a rate of 21% per annum over the next five years. • 4 Dividend Growth Stocks that Belong in Your Portfolio, • 2 Airline Stocks to Buy for a Post Coronavirus Rebound, • 3 Stocks to Buy as the Tourism Industry Recovers, 4 Dividend Growth Stocks that Belong in Your Portfolio, 2 Airline Stocks to Buy for a Post Coronavirus Rebound. Hyliion is a startup maker of diesel-electric truck components. Hyliion compares its valuation to Nikola based on projected revenues, and Hyllion seems like the much cheaper company. The company is not interested in developing its own vehicles. This means its sympathy brethren such as Nikola, Nio, Ideanomics,  Electrameccanica, and so forth. Austin is also the right place in the U.S. to have a stock like this. Both NKLA and HYLN are yet to launch their products in the market. Hyliion vs. Nikola vs. Tesla Tesla is a household name in the electric vehicle industry. Hyliion is expected as of Q3 2020—the ticker symbol will change from SHLL to HYLN. For Hyliion, which is gearing up to offer hybrid and electric heavy-truck powertrains, Nikola's deal with GM, while scaled back, does mean that Nikola … This winner this time is likely to come out of China. So this is a hybrid play. Nikola, for instance, has a market capitalization of about $9 billion. While Nikola is flashy, I think there’s significant doubt still about hydrogen tech. Hyliion was founded in 2015 and offers hybrid and fully-electric powertrain solutions and the deal comes after Nikola is like a clone of a clone. Thomas Healy, CEO and founder of Hyliion will continue to serve in the same position of the new holding company. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Hyliion is likely a more feasible scalable business model. The Hyliion reverse merger is big news in the SPAC world, only weeks after Nikola stock fell from grace. However, the company reported a net loss of $2.30 million, accruing to general, administrative, and tax expenses. Hyliion Hybrid Electric (current version) – $404,493 (6% savings vs. diesel) Hyliion Hypertruck ERX (next gen coming 2021) – $279,776 (35% savings vs. diesel) Tesla Semi – $438,000 (costs 1% more than diesel) Nikola – $ To see all exchange delays and terms of use, please see disclaimer. Tortoise Acquisition Stock company named announced its intention to acquire start-up electric truck maker Hyliion. Earlier this year, NKLA announced the sale of 23.90 million shares following an exercise of warrants. Nikola (NKLA) and Hyliion (HYLN) have emerged as two latest contenders in the battle to build an electric truck. Watch later. NKLA’s founder and CEO Trevor Milton stepped down in September, amid allegations of misleading investors by overstating the company’s progress. Want to invest in space-tech, invest in BlueOrigin or SpaceX when you can. While both make strong arguments about their clean energy power trains and trucks, no proven track record of these EVs is available, raising concerns regarding the sustainability and efficiency of these products. But Hyliion offers something unique. Becoming The Early Bird: Time is the primary factor in Hyliion's pursuit of a relationship with Tortoise, CEO Thomas Healy told Benzinga. Hyliion Stock Deep Dive | Hyliion vs Tesla & Nikola - YouTube. Market cap for Hyliion is $2 billion vs Nikola's $24 billion Hyliion is 2 years ahead of Nikola is long-range class 8 trucks 60 comments 90% Upvoted But Hyliion offers something unique. Don’t bet on the hype, bet on the underdogs. NIO and IDEX in particular are overvalued, just as Tesla is bloated in the first half of 2020. HYLN, being a relatively newer company, didn’t generate any revenue from operations in the second quarter ended June 2020. Hyliion to go public and go truck-to-truck with Tesla and Nikola Hyliion, a provider of hybrid and CNG powertrain architecture, announced it will … Hyliion is producing better trucks with higher operating performance but lower ownership costs than Tesla and Nikola. Nikola became a publicly traded entity through a merger with a SPAC, just as Hyliion is planning to do. Nikola is going to be in a crowded market full of competitors. PAE is united with people of color to enact social change and create safe communities for everyone. Nikola Corporation ( NKLA - Get Rating) and Hyliion Holdings Corporation ( HYLN - Get Rating) are relatively new companies in the electric vehicle industry, and both made their stock market debuts through special-purpose acquisitions. What is a SPAC? HYLN expects to generate $1.10 million in revenues in 2020. Hyliion (HYLN) vs. Nikola (NKLA) vs. Tesla (TSLA) Tesla is a household name in the electric vehicle industry and Nikola is the underdog many are cheering for. Can Teladoc Hold Off Amazon’s Entry into Virtual Health. It is of course Hyliion. The company plans to roll out a model electric power train in 2021, and thereby start commercial production by 2022. NKLA is currently in the process of building infrastructure for its manufacturing facilities. Hyliion is taking a much different approach to Nikola. Let’s find out. Instead, it wants to be a vendor to all major truck suppliers of the most crucial and expensive part of a truck, the Keep in mind, Nikola’s stock has in recent memory reached $79 and is still somehow cruising in the $70s. Another Electric Truck Stock Emerges to Challenge Nikola. NKLA generated $36,000 in solar revenues in the second quarter ended in June 2020. Market data provided is at least 10-minutes delayed and hosted by Barchart Solutions.Information is provided 'as-is' and solely for informational purposes, not for trading purposes or advice, and is delayed. Navistar was founded in 1902, and is headquartered in Lisle, Illinois. Electric Vehicles (EVs) are increasingly gaining popularity over fuel-run cars due to the improved automotive performance and cost-efficiencies offered by them. Copy link. In the meantime I think SHLL is risky if above $13, a better place to buy could be $11.50. Hyliion’s solutions were specifically developed to utilize existing infrastructure in an effort to support rapid technology deployment. NKLA shares were trading at $19.72 per share on Wednesday afternoon, down $1.67 (-7.81%). HYLN also has an “F” for Trade Grade and Buy & Hold Grade, “D” for Peer Grade, and “B” for industry Rank. However, since solar installation projects are not related to the company’s primary operations, these are expected to be discontinued soon. Login The difference with Hyliion is that they offer something unique and readily available. NKLA is also building a production unit in Arizona, which is expected to deliver 30,000 trucks by the fourth quarter of 2021. On September 8th, NKLA entered into a strategic partnership agreement with GM for $2 billion in exchange for an 11% equity stake. HYLN began trading on the New York Stock Exchange on October 2nd. 3UR IRUPD HTXLW\ RZQHUVKLS 6RXUFHV 9HFWR,4 6KDUHV (VWLPDWHG &DVK +HOG LQ 7UXVW (VWLPDWHG &DVK &RQWULEXWHG IURP %DODQFH 6KHHW 3URFHHGV IURP 3,3( 7RWDO 6RXUFHV 8VHV (TXLW Tesla and Nikola are developing new, independent Hyliion (HYLN), another alternative-fuel trucking … HYLN, on the other hand, entered into a reverse merger deal with Tortoise Acquisition Corp., generating $560 million in proceeds. After hitting an all-time high in June, 2020 I think Tesla’s stock will get destroyed in July, 2020. The ticker to watch is $SHLL. Both Nikola and Hyliion are going after the heavy-duty, Class 8 semi-tractor market. Not so long ago Hyliion, which provides Class 8 trucks with hybrid diesel and fully electric drivetrain architecture, announced plans to merge with Tortoise Acquisition Corp., a publicly traded special purpose acquisition company. With enough cash in … In one of the worst deception of the stock market in 2020, Nikola Motors, a supposed Tesla competitor with zero revenue, is worth $23 billion. How Hyliion’s Under-30 CEO Aims To Compete With Tesla And Nikola In The Electric-Powered Big Rig Revolution She has a keen interest in the stock market and has a fundamental approach when analyzing equities. Its German manufacturing facility Iveco’s Ulm is currently under construction and is expected to produce 10,000 units per year from the fourth quarter of 2021. Optimism around TSLA has has been so good it’s gotten grossly over-heated. PACCAR has 25,909 more employees vs. Hyliion. Tesla’s price will plummet 20-30% in July and before the Fall is my prediction. Hyzon’s valuation is small. NKLA went public in June 2020 through SPAC with a blank check company Vector IQ. SPACs are dangerous, and I believe Nikola is highly speculative on its bullish view of hydrogen fuel cells. We will contrast the two businesses based on the strength of their institutional ownership, risk, dividends, analyst recommendations, profitability, earnings and valuation. By the time it arrives we won’t be as crazy bullish on the EV sector. 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It generated $110,000 as investment income in the last quarter. HYLN expects to generate $344 million in revenue in 2022, over $1 billion in 2023, and $2.10 billion by 2024. While Tesla is a real pioneer in EVs, it’s unlikely Nikola will be a sole leader ahead of the pack in hydrogen fuel cell trucks. But which stock is the better buy now? However, the company lost 52.1% in less than one month of trading, over rising concerns over the efficiency of fuel power trains. Investing in SHLL is a bit like investing in SPCE, it’s a Millennial thing. SPAC companies are more likely to be sketchy. Hyliion vs. Nikola vs. Tesla Tesla is a household name in the electric vehicle industry. EV truck company, Hyliion made its debut much in the same manner as Nikola. Source Investor Presentation. HYLN has gained more than 97% in the past four months since the announcement of its merger with Tortoise Acquisition.