Use simple formulas to calculate your enclosure port size. The Formula for Port AreaPort area in square inches = volume in cubic ft x 16For example, 3.4 ft3 x 16 in2 = 54.5 in2 of port area.A 16 in. Get help for the Speaker Box Designer Determine the Dimensions of your Speaker Box based on the Calculated Volume Determine if your Driver works best in a Sealed or Ported Enclosure Calculate the Displacement Volume for Your Driver Read the Speaker Box Design Tutorial × Close Enter the diameter of the port you are using, then press the "calculate" button to find the equivalent surface area. The Woofer BoxWizard will calculate how much internal air space is available for your woofer(s). Disadvantages of a Ported Subwoofer. Suggestions For Using This Calculator If you pick a tuning frequency above the lowest frequency that you intend to drive into the speakers, the speaker may well be … A ported subwoofer will have a greater output than a sealed sub at low frequencies; The ported design makes it possible for DIY'ers to build an affordable subwoofer that is suitable for Home Theatre usage. If you need to quickly calculate the length of the vent for your subwoofer, you're in the right place - this subwoofer port length calculator was created precisely for that purpose!. A shorter port is more likely to fit into your enclosure without any bends, further saving on noise and build difficulty. Calculate internal air space available for your woofers. Its transient response is second only to the sealed enclosure systems, making it a good choice for subwoofer applications. Note how box and port volumes from the previous screen are transferred to the Box Calculator screen. Circle Port to Slotted Port. If the port is too small, the air has to move through it too quickly and you WILL hear it!. Enter any additional volume. Measure the port length down the center […] Make a subwoofer enclosure plan. It also has less chance of "pipe mode" resonance intruding on the operating range of your subwoofer. Additional volume will include any space taken up by the speaker structure, braces, or anything else that takes up space in the enclosure. Ported vented subwoofer box design calculator solving for port or vent length given port or vent diameter, number of ports or vents, box volume, tuning frequency and end correction factor DIY Audio & Video Tutorials, FAQs, Calculators and Examples for Speaker Boxes, Crossovers, Filters, ... Get help for the Speaker Volume Calculator Use the Speaker Box Designer to determine the correct Speaker Box Volume for Your Driver The port shown in Figures I and J extends into the enclosure only 12”, even though its total length is 12.75” Note: It is important to understand that the air inside the port is considered part of the port, not part of the enclosure volume. Select an enclosure type, choose a unit of measure and wood thickness, then input your dimensions. Use it to estimate the appropriate length of the vent in your subwoofer, and read on to find out the math behind the process and learn the subwoofer port length formula. Port Noise. As all of the output of the 4th order bandpass system is via the port, the largest port diameter possible for the enclosure should be used in order to minimize port noises. The next program will calculate the proper port length for a given box volume at the desired port tuning frequency. This calculator will convert a circle port into square inches in order to build a slotted port for your woofer box. The reduction in volume occupied by the port also means a smaller box. Determine the dimensions of your speaker from known volume, bracing, port, and driver displacement. port length tunes the box to about 40 Hz. Online calculator subwoofer box volume, port length and other parameters Build a ported box, sealed box. Subwoofer box design calculator for online creating a high performance subwoofer enclosure.

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