The work of the Council is led by each EU country in turn for a period of 6 months. European Union citizens resident in the Netherlands, aged 18 or over on polling day and not deprived of the right to stand in their home country. With the Lisbon Treaty now in-force, Europarties are obliged from now-on to put forward a candidate for President of the European Commission; each Presidential candidate will, in fact, lead the pan-European campaign of the Europarty. Fourthly, you can have your say about what is happening in the European Union during the many citizens' dialogues that take place across the EU. If a national court is in doubt about the interpretation of an EU law, it can ask the Court of Justice for clarification. The political structure of EU is headed by the EU Council which is composed of directly elected political leaders of member states, while the power of the Council is balanced by the EU Parliament, which is a directly elected body that is holding decision of the EU Council accountable to all EU citizens. You can watch the Council in action in all EU languages here. A person who has been divested of their active legal capacity with regard to the right to vote and a person who has been convicted of a crime and is serving sentence in a penal institution, cannot vote. The United Kingdom and Gibraltar left the European Union on 31 January 2020. This is the job of the European Parliament and of the Council of the European Union. 1 του άρθρου 4 του Π.δ. European Union citizens aged 18 or over on polling day resident in Germany, if they are resident in member states of the European Union for at least three months. Who or what exactly is 'Brussels'? Each country then declares whether it is for or against the proposed destination and the vote is recorded in the Council's voting calculator. European Journal of Find out more here. Which ministers meet depends on the topic under discussion. You often hear in the news that 'Brussels' has decided this and that. Η άσκηση του εκλογικού δικαιώματος είναι υποχρεωτική. The Spitzenkandidaten are not directly-elected by citizens, but rather by Members of the European Parliament. As the numbers of MEPs to be elected by each country have arisen from treaty negotiations, there is no precise formula for the apportionment of seats among member states. An EU citizen residing in a Member State other than that of which he or she is a national is a “mobile EU citizen”. Since 1979, every five years elections are held in which EU citizens are able to elect MEPs to represent their views in the EU. have been living for more than three months in Germany or in another EU country. In 2020 Croatia and Germany hold the presidency, followed by Portugal and Slovenia in 2021, then by France and Czechia in 2022. For the 2014 EP election, Europarties decided to put forward a candidate for President of the European Commission. No country trusts their people to directly elect ministers in a government, that is the purpose of the winning party; to choose reliable specialists with substantial knowledge on the matter. These officials are citizens of each of the EU countries, selected by means of recruitment competitions. Thursday 10 June: Netherlands, United Kingdom, Saturday 12 June: Czech Republic, Italy, Latvia, Malta, Sunday 13 June: Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, 5%: Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Member state subdivided into multiple constituencies: Belgium (3), France (8), Ireland (4), Italy (5), Poland (13), United Kingdom (12), Mixture: Germany (candidate lists at Länder or national level), First round: Josep Borrell, 388 votes; Bronisław Geremek, 208 votes; Francis Wurtz, 51 votes, This page was last edited on 20 March 2021, at 11:04. Free movement of goods, services and capital in the EU, A common currency in 19 EU countries: the euro, 5. These two institutions take the final decision on all EU laws. European Union citizens resident in Croatia enrolled in the electoral register. Elections in Lithuania, are held to select members of the parliament, the president, members of the municipal councils and mayors, as well as delegates to the European Parliament.Lithuanian citizens can also vote in mandatory or consultative referendums. Take the test below to see how much you remember. Currently, it is Austria. The Labour shadow minister responded by saying that Labour has pledged that every EU citizen living in the United Kingdom on Brexit day will automatically gain all the rights of a “citizen”. More about the 2019 European elections results Commission officials — like the staff of other EU institutions — are recruited via the European Personnel Selection Office: The Parliament elects the President of the European Commission and approves the 27 members of the Commission as a body. 25 extra MEPs would be added on a transnational European list with its candidates being selected by the European party groups rather than national member parties. A deeper and fairer economic and monetary union, 3 Consists of (only) one representative/member per EU country, 7 Represents the interests of EU countries/their governments, 8 Decides on the interpretation of EU laws, 9 Defines the general political direction of the EU. These EU institutions form a complex web of powers and mutual oversight.At base they draw their democratic legitimacy from elections in two ways: First, the European Council, which sets the bloc’s overall political direction, is composed of democratically elected national leaders. Yes, EU citizens residing in Germany can take part in European elections in Germany if on election day, they are aged 18 or over. The main meetings of the Parliament, also known as 'plenary sessions', take place in Strasbourg, France, 12 times a year, and in Brussels, Belgium, up to six times a year. This is because human beings take decisions and shape policies. Commissioners do not represent the views of their country of origin but rather the common interest of the EU. are not disqualified from voting. Click here for contact details. Same as on the left; the passive voting age is 18 instead of 16. Finally, EU citizens can launch or support a European citizens' initiative. The rules of voting in the Council are decided by the EU countries. Each one has a veto. 3–45. [31] However the fractious nature of the other political parties led to no other candidates, the People's Party only mentioned four or five people they'd like to be President. What happened? European Union citizens aged 21 or over on polling day who speak French, Dutch or German. The European institutions are simply places where politicians from all EU countries can meet in order to work and advance together towards concrete results. In practice this means that members of the public may invite the European Commission to propose legislation on a specific issue for which the EU is responsible, such as the environment, agriculture or transport. The only directly elected EU body, this represents the EU’s 500 million inhabitants and plays a key role in electing the President of the European Commission. As an EU citizen who can’t vote in the election, I’m begging other BAME people to use their voice. The European Parliament is one of the EU's two law-making bodies. The next elections to the European Parliament will be held in spring 2024 and 2029, and you might be eligible to vote by then. Most of the member states of the European Union elect their MEPs with a single constituency covering the entire state, using party-list proportional representation. Election of Members of the European Parliament in the seats each time allocated to Greece shall be effected by direct, universal and secret ballot by the citizens entitled to vote in accordance with the provisions of Articles 4, 5 and 6 of the Presidential Decree. These two institutions debate, amend and pass EU law. The European Parliament is a unique multinational parliamentary assembly elected directly by the citizens. In addition, the method of calculating the quota and the election threshold vary from country to country. The Parliament has 705 members from all EU countries. 9/28.01.2011", Act to Amend and Supplement the Election Code (2011), "Act to Amend and Supplement the Election Code (2011)", "Republic of Croatia European Parliamentary Elections Act, Article 4 (Zakon o izborima zastupnika iz RH u Europski parlament, Članak 4)", "Republic of Croatia European Parliamentary Elections Act, Article 5 (Zakon o izborima zastupnika iz RH u Europski parlament, Članak 5)", "Information for citizens of other EU member states on voting in the European Parliament elections in the Czech Republic - Ministry of the interior of the Czech Republic", "European Parliament elections -", "Right to Vote and Compilation of the Voting Rights", "Eligibility and Nomination of Candidates", " (Élections : Français domicilié à l'étranger)", "Élections : droit de vote d'un citoyen européen -", "Greek MPs approve end to bonus seats, lower voting age", "Ministry of Interior - Information for Greek residents abroad", "Hellenic 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