Endnotes. Chinese is an immigrant language. 1. The constitution of Papua New Guinea (PNG) recognizes Tok Pisin as a national language, along with Hiri Motu and English. The Papua New Guinea language Huli uses a base-15, or pentadecimal system. The course promotes Papua New Guinea values and beliefs which are found in our Constitution, Government Policies and Reports. There are hundreds of ethnic groups indigenous to Papua New Guinea, although the largest is the English is an official language and is the language of government and the … Tok Pisin is one of the three national languages of Papua New Guinea. Dominant languages in Papua New Guinea. Pidgin languages) but it is commonly used among academics, and those familiar with Tok Pisin, who refer to the language by its own name. Numbers which are multiples of 15 are simple words. Mauritius, Namibia, Nauru, Nigeria, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Samoa, Schedule A: English Language Qualifications accepted by Griffith University for Undergraduate, Postgraduate and 2 Higher Degree Research Admission English-speaking persons within Papua New Guinea refer to the language as ‘Pidgin’, ‘New Guinea Pidgin’ or ‘Pidgin English’ (i.e. According to Ethnologue, 853 individual languages are listed for the state. The Use of Vernacular Languages in Education, Monographs on Fundamental Education. Papua New Guinea is one of the most diverse countries in the world with 848 different languages spoken (12% of the world's languages), of which 12 have no living speakers remaining. The number of languages in Papua New Guinea represents 12% of the total languages in the world. English is more widely used for official business but Tok Pisin serves as a lingua franca for speakers of PNG’s 820 different languages. There are three official languages in Papua New Guinea. Paris: UNESCO. To compound the situation, education in Papua New Guinea has not superseded its colo? Twelve are already extinct, leaving 841 living languages, 840 of which are indigenous languages. of the growing class struggle in Papua New Guinea, because the English language is what Bourdieu and Boltanski refer to as the cultural capital that is in the hands of those who have increased access to resources [ 17]. Language-in-education policies in Papua New Guinea (PNG) are possibly the most interesting and best model for the world to follow. The indigenous languages are classified into two large groups: Austronesian languages and non-Austronesian (or Papuan) languages. Where the English word … It is developed in line with the National Education Plan (2005 -2014) and addresses an increase in the number of school leavers affected by the lack of access into secondary and higher educational institutions.

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