She then brings up her brother Benedict who normally withstands gossip — he’s hiding at the back of the store. All rights reserved. Now that the eldest Bridgerton daughter, Daphne, (Phoebe Dynevor) and the Duke of Hastings Simon Bassett (Regé-Jean) have found their happy ending, we'll turn our attention to her older brother Anthony (Jonathan Bailey) as he focuses on his own love life, for a change. She wants him to let her go as she is comfortable and content because her partner sees her for who she is — “He does not wish for me to change and neither do I”. We discuss everything that happens in the gripping final episode. Colin apologizes for being a fool for attempting to marry Marina — he tells her he is leaving to travel which makes Penelope emotional and she walks off. A happy ending with no cliffhanger but surely there will be a Season 2. The finale of Netflix’s Bridgerton left us smiling with delight. Daphne scours the Hastings house to search for answers. December 25, 2020. We almost wonder if her mother used to be the same. Marina suddenly needs a doctor and alerts Lady Featherington. The idea of a love match—a Darcy and Elizabeth ending rather than, say, a Charlotte and Mr. Collins compromise—is a central theme in the show, and one I very much agree with. Marina has definitely been wronged in the story, and we must wonder what Season 2 holds for her — hopefully, her life turns around. Unlike the BBC’s beloved She. Site by FireCask. Lady Featherington learns who will inherit the estate and she looks shocked. George’s brother Sir Phillip asks Marina if she will marry him — he feels it his duty. Daphne asks her mother if being in love is different for men. Simon enters Daphne’s bedroom and tells her he doesn’t want to be alone, but also he doesn’t know how he wants to be the man she needs him to be. I am of age. This recap of Netflix’s Bridgerton season 1, episode 8, “After the Rain” — the ending explained — contains significant spoilers. Regé-Jean Page and Phoebe Dynevor as Simon Basset and Daphne Bridgerton in 'Bridgerton.' Eloise is feeling tense in her corset; she doesn’t want this life. Meanwhile, Will continues to box, but he loses on purpose. Simon knows Will faked his loss and approaches him about it — he asks about his honor. Colin approaches Penelope — she’s nervous around him. Copyright © 2020 Ready Steady Cut. It’s quite surprising that a plot set in the 1800s gives the ultimate advice for relationships — to work hard through every situation. For more recaps, reviews, and original features covering the world of entertainment, why not follow us on Twitter and like our Facebook page? A post shared by Bridgerton (@bridgertonnetflix) A photo posted by on . Even the Queen grows frustrated with Eloise during her Lady Whistledown investigation, brushes her aside, and hires men to do the job instead. Lady Violet Bridgerton tells her they should find a way forward and find patience and forgiveness. Eloise thanks Daphne for being perfect, so she doesn’t have to be. Featherington Estate. We have recapped every episode — check out the archive. This is a turning point — Daphne now can approach the situation with sympathy rather than frustration — it’s written in the story well and centers the ending of Bridgerton season 1. But there seems to be an understanding on his face; almost like he knows what he has to do. Written By. Eloise seems closer to finding out who Lady Whistledown is…. Netflix. Therefore, I have more important, mature things to worry about.” She kicked Eloise when she was down. Just like in the books, there are parts of the "Bridgerton" show that are, ahem, spicy to say the least. Learn how your comment data is processed. You Have 8 New Netflix Treats To Binge This Weekend — Here’s What... Making Sense Of Bravo Star Jen Shah’s Very Messy Fraud Alle... How To Support Your Favorite Potters From. They then stare into each other’s eyes. The news is out. If we're so lucky to get a Bridgerton season 2, Van Dusen tells that he hopes to delve into the love stories of the rest of the siblings. Anthony cries and apologizes. “After the Rain” begins with Benedict painting Daphne and Simon. She then walks away. So whenever it does become her time, shouldn’t expect an “I Choose Me” moment for Eloise. At the boxing, Anthony cannot keep his eyes off Siena — they are intensely staring at each other, and they meet each other in the back and have sex. Little comments like that add up. Lady Featherington calls Marina stronger than her and that she will do well. Spoiler alert: Bridgerton ending explained: what happens in the final episode of the addictive Netflix period drama? There’s a calmness between them, and Daphne is making an effort to heal the tension between them. When Chameleon was first introduced during the Group B premiere episode of The Masked Singer on March 17, his height and outfit made hi, Forget Benedict Cumberbatch, 2021 is bringing a fresh Sherlock Holmes story to life with Netflix’s The Irregulars. Benedict tells Eloise that he was with Genevieve the night before; with this information, Eloise realizes that Genevieve cannot be Lady Whistledown. Regé-Jean Page, who plays Simon Basset, the Duke of … Siena believes it is a fantasy, but Anthony says he wants her there by his side; Benedict’s new relationship with Genevieve has obviously changed his mind. Meanwhile, Anthony enjoys his time with Siena. They are fixated on each other. LIAM DANIEL/NETFLIX Regé-Jean Page as the Duke of Hastings and Phoebe Dynevor as Daphne Bridgerton in Shonda Rhimes ... Perhaps it was inevitable that Netflix and Rhimes would be the ones to plunge full-throttle into a genre defined by happy endings, unqualified pleasure, and a vanished historical setting that looks good enough to eat. Readers clamored for me to write a happy ending for Violet, but I couldn’t. Bridgerton fans looking for more of the Duke in Season 2 won’t be pleased with Lady Whistledown’s latest announcement. Shondaland’s Netflix Original series, ‘Bridgerton,’ is a period romance drama set in Regency-era England. Bridgerton's book ending is very different to the show. This website cannot be displayed as your browser is extremely out of date. On one hand, Bridgerton was almost perfectly calibrated to appeal to me, from a nostalgia perspective, and from a “I hardly watch television because I don’t trust people to write a happy ending or an ending at all” perspective. Meanwhile, Penelope checks up on Marina, who is in a rush to pack and go home. There’s a sad expression on her face — it seems she understands now. Eloise wants to tell the Queen about the outcome of the Lady Whistledown investigation, but she is stopped by a guard who tells her that they will unmask Whistledown and she will be seized; Eloise panics and tries to warn Benedict, but he isn’t in the mood to talk. We’re primed to love characters like Eloise, the feminist sister in otherwise patriarchal societies set in fantasy worlds or centuries ago because she’s the Jo March, the Belle, the Elizabeth Bennett, and the Arya Stark of this story and therefore easy to root for when, One thing that sets her apart from these women is her friendship with Penelope (Nicola Coughlan). Lady Featherington intrudes and tells them that they were not invited to the Ball. With each Bridgerton novel, something new was revealed, and by the time I finished On the Way to the Wedding, she had become my favorite character in the series. On Friday, April 2, it was revealed that Regé-Jean Page will not be returning to Bridgerton for season two. Daphne tells Simon that he was brilliant with the children. Regé-Jean Page will not be returning to Bridgerton for season 2. But over the course of eight books, she became so much more. As expected, the ending of Bridgerton Season 1 comes with drama, heartbreak, tearful moments, and happy endings — “After the Rain” also leaves a few plot points that can be extended into a second installment if Netflix wishes to commission it. All season, Eloise’s immaturity is the focus of insults and she just kind of rolls with it. Grey’s Anatomy was surprisingly forthcoming ahead of Thursday night’s new episode, “Breathe.” Last week the ABC drama confirmed, No season of any Real Housewives show is complete without a real life scandal to compete with its on-air drama, and the new Salt Lake City installment is n, Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick’s on-and-off relationship has been a staple plot over the course of the past 19 seasons of Keeping Up with the K, Spoilers are ahead. She talks about his pride and how it will cost him everything. The finale may be a happy ending for a few characters, but it set up a major journey for a "Bridgerton" favourite. Many wondered if, after ending season 1 happily married, Simon and Daphne would still be a part of Bridgerton. The couple talks about Simon quitting in London as soon as possible. Believing her to be Lady Whistledown, Eloise visits Genevieve at her shop and asks for a dress for the ball. The couple has sex, but this time, Simon does not pull out — a significant moment in the plot. We have some distressing news to share, dearest readers. It's Episode 6. It’s going to be so much worse when Eloise learns that, as Lady Whistledown, Penelope has basically been stringing her along throughout the entire season. He’s found clarity in his life. My shins were not happy with me. Daphne asks Lady Danbury about the letters from the Duke to her father. LIAM DANIEL/NETFLIX. The marriage season is ending; Penelope cries in Eloise’s arms as Colin leaves to travel. She talks about Lady Whistledown’s muses. George’s brother visits the town and shares bad news — George has died on the battlefield; Marina walks off in shock. The finale might be a happy ending for Daphne (Phoebe Dynevor) and bittersweet for Marina (Ruby Barker), but it’s especially disappointing for Eloise: She failed in her attempt to unmask Lady Whistledown. Bridgerton season 1 was a big hit for Netflix when it debuted in December 2020, and one of the reasons for that was the love story between Daphne and … As “After the Rain” nears an end, Daphne is pushing out her first baby with her mother and Simon by her side. Simon tells Daphne that he’s doing this for her own good and that she will be better off without him. Plus, how the Rokesby fits into the Bridgerton book series. The only thing Eloise had to cling to was the knowledge that she could uncover her mysterious gossip’s identity, and she fails at that as well. Lady Whistledown narrates that one day she will come forward and reveal herself — the episode shows that Penelope is Lady Whistledown; but why on earth did she not save the fortunes of her family? Simon Bassett, aka the Duke of Hastings (Regé-Jean Page), won't be in Bridgerton season 2, which fits with where the Netflix show's story is headed but does leave question marks over the future of Daphne Bridgerton (Phoebe Dynevor). The story has turned on its head; there’s no bitterness or game playing; they are slowly reaching a conclusion for each other. Just watched the Bridgerton season finale on Netflix? I am out in society. Anthony visits Siena’s house, and her partner answers the door. The closest, perhaps, is Lizzie Bennet's friend Charlotte in. At the ball, Lady Danbury asks Simon about the separation. In love with the Bridgerton Netflix show? So, if you're into spoilers, here are the happy endings that we may see play out in the show. He tells her that he will not be dancing with a lady at the last ball of the season; he asks her to join him as he believes they have a path now to a relationship. That’s not what we came here for. Speaking to TV Guide, he said: “I'm not sure I believe in paradise. This was a surprisingly emotional moment because the series decided to drop the sexual tension and made it about feelings only — it was well measured, and the writers had this moment in mind. “I watch Daphne prepare for these balls,” Eloise tells her brother, smoking buddy, and fellow misfit Benedict (Luke Thompson), “and I’m exhausted.” It’s pretty relatable for anyone who feels different or socially anxious, and a viewpoint that belongs to scores of other beloved characters. She will ultimately meet her version of Mr. Darcy, or the Beast, or whatever the, But if you’re worried that Eloise’s impending romance might mess with her desire to do something grander with her life than, The Detail You Missed In Bridgerton Season 1 Finale, Spoilers are ahead. As expected, the ending of Bridgerton Season 1 comes with drama, heartbreak, tearful moments and happy endings — “After the Rain” also leaves a few plot points that can be extended into a second instalment if Netflix wishes to commission it. Still, this series is based on a string of steamy romance novels. Benedict tells Eloise to leave Genevieve alone; Anthony overhears and learns that Benedict that his brother has a “close friendship” with her. But Daphne does not react this time. She starts laughing as it rains on her. Daphne chases after her; Marina tells her that George was writing to her as he died — he was telling her that he loved her and wanted a family. Also, being comfortable does not mean happiness — audiences should not assume this story is over yet. Daphne tells Simon she found the letters to his father and that she read them — she explains that just because it’s not perfect, does not make it any less worthy of love; Daphne believes Simon’s father made him think otherwise: “He made you believe that you needed to be without fault in order to be loved, but he was wrong.” Daphne expresses that she is tired of pretending that she does not love Simon as she loves every part of him, even the parts he perceives to be dark. “People have real problems,” Penelope says, “mature problems, problems that have nothing to do with the secret identity of some silly writer. Bridgerton ending explained: what happens in the final episode of the addictive Netflix period drama? It’s their stubbornness that is hurting them both. Is it Daphne’s youth and maturity that shows her being kind to those who are unfortunate in a cruel world? Extending an invitation. Before the fight, Will is unsure what to do and considers losing, so they receive the scam purse — he feels the pressure from Lord Featherington. Lady Violet Bridgerton tells her they should find a way forward and find patience and forgiveness. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The next morning, Daphne joins Simon for breakfast which surprises him. It hurts when childhood friends move on to grown-up interests like that, and leave you behind. Lady Danbury tells Daphne of the Duke’s triumph and how it was his alone despite her encouragement. Daphne and Simon have a happy ending, but Anthony doesn't Netflix However, we'll spoil the happy ending for each Bridgerton sibling. Rege-Jean Page has dropped major spoilers about the second season of the show . She tells Daphne that she is a Bridgerton and there is nothing she cannot do. (Episode 6. What Bridgerton does so well is distill the brief hope of promise.” Quinn published The Duke and I, the first Bridgerton novel, 20 years ago. A writer ranked the Bridgerton books, from best to work. When he leaves, Lady Featherington is furious. Meanwhile, Lord Featherington is in trouble with the men he scammed. She gives him a choice — “You can choose to love me as much as I love you”. Her season-long mission didn’t fill her with the freedom or sense of accomplishment she thought it would. As Lady Featherington returns home, she learns that her husband is dead. Lord Featherington celebrates the amount of money he’s won.… Daphne and Simon dance as planned — a waltz. This is the last blow for Penelope — she’s well and truly heartbroken. They plan Simon’s last commitments. Bridgerton Ending, Explained. Daphne tells her sister she looks exquisite in her gown. Lady Featherington believes it is a good deal. Will believes his honor is looking after his family and brings up Simon’s wife. After all that, she will debut in society just like every other young lady, even though she’d rather be at university or hanging out with her less encumbered brothers. Daphne tells him he does know how to be that man and tells him to stay; she suggests that they work through every moment together. Lady Danbury announces that the evening is complete; she wants everyone to leave Simon and Daphne alone. Related: Bridgerton Season 1 Ending Explained (In Detail) ... Anthony is trapped and the bee is actually a nod back to his predicament even as Daphne and Simon get their happy ending. Now that you've (hopefully) finished the eight episodes available, though, you might want a handy reminder how the Bridgerton Season 1 ending wrapped up … Related articles Bridgerton fans missed major season 2 spoiler in Daphne's last scene Penelope shows up at the gathering, and Eloise updates her on who Lady Whistledown is and that they can change the fortunes of the Featherington family. She asks Simon to join her at Bridgerton house because Francesca has returned and there will be a family gathering. Lord Featherington (Ben Miller) was revealed to be in a lot of debt earlier in … She knows this is a pivotal moment, and the audience does too. Daphne decides to extend her invitation and forget the errors of the past. However, Bridgerton star Regé-Jean Page has warned fans not to expect a happy ending just yet. She decides to warn Lady Whistledown herself. Genevieve tells Eloise that she wouldn’t mean harm to anyone, and she believes that Lady Whistledown can handle herself. Bridgerton Star Rege-Jean Page Tells Fans Not To Expect Happy Ending For Show's Lead Pair Bridgerton is the period drama series which is available for streaming on Netflix. The ending of Bridgerton season 1 displays happy endings and heartbreaks — there’s a feeling it could go either way in “After the Rain”. Sign up to our newsletter Newsletter (Image credit: Netflix) By Francesca Specter 2021-01-15T21:39:29Z. She finds a pile of letters from Simon to his father that were unopened. Vrinda Bachchan. She had no idea that Simon could not speak as a child. Emmy Griffiths Bridgerton has … Here's where everyone stood at the end of Bridgerton season one, and plot points that could be explored in season two. Daphne and Simon look at their portrait together. Daphne tells her mother that she and the Duke are going to go their separate ways. As Simon heads to a boxing match, Daphne asks what his father did and wants an explanation. Penelope does not believe the status of her family will be changing any time soon and she withdraws — this becomes clearer later on in the chapter as to why she was downbeat. The ending of Bridgerton season 1 displays happy endings and heartbreaks — there’s a feeling it could go either way in “After the Rain”. Simon has just two episodes left to resolve a metric ton of childhood trauma and attain his happy ending with Daphne (Bridgerton is based on romance novels, so happy endings are de rigeur). Her brothers make fun of her when she demands to know “how a woman comes to be with child.” When she tries to open up to Daphne about her fear of childbirth, Daphne says, “I find children to be delightful, though you are not currently proving my point.” They patch things up by the end of the season, but that line still stings. It should also be a hint to what the second season of Bridgerton will focus on, particularly after Anthony and Siena's ill-fated romance fell apart. Will senses Simon is angry, but not with him — he tells him to do something about it. You're welcome.) Marina rejects it and asks him to leave. The Featherington family arrives, and there are a few onlookers. Kinjal Panchal . Marina does not want to marry Sir Phillip because she does not love him. Daphne and Simon . Marina heads out on a carriage but, in a twist, she leaves with Sir Phillip — she’s chosen a life of security. Simon reminds her he still doesn’t want any of his own. It’s a boy. Please update your browser to one of the following: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Bridgerton season 1, episode 8 recap – the ending explained. Siena comes to the door, but she refuses to go to the ball with him — she wants to look out for herself, and she believes he is lost. She’s devastated and regrets believing he was a villain. But when showrunner Chris Van Dusen announced season 2 , … Her mother explains how she misses dancing with her father and that her marriage came with trials and overcame them — “We chose to love each other every single day”. Thunder begins, and it rains, but while others move away, Daphne wants to feel the rain. They discuss the order of events at their ball — they agree on how many dances they should have. Warning, spoiler alert for the Bridgerton series finale and the book ahead! It is a happy ending, and there is nothing wrong with that, I just wish a little more time had been given to resolving the conflict between Simon and Daphne. Daphne tells her mother that she and the Duke are going to go their separate ways. She enters her office to see all the money is gone and she sobs. Phillip wants to fulfill his brother’s wishes and look after her. She does have some growing up to do, but that doesn’t make the way everyone treats her fair, and it certainly doesn’t mean she should be rushed into a future that makes her uncomfortable. A doctor tells her that the poisonous tea will not be ridding the baby, and she was foolish to think so. Facebook Twitter Reddit Pinterest Email. It’s obvious they are playing against each other, and it isn’t going to work — they are in love. The finale may be a happy ending for a few characters, but it set up a major journey for a "Bridgerton" favorite. Spoilers ahead for season one of Bridgerton.There's something to be said for shows and movies that make the bold choice not to torture their audiences by ending on a … January 05, 2021 - 18:13 GMT. The last ball of the season begins. At the gathering, Simon plays with the children and Daphne looks on; she’s proud that he’s good with children.

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