There are popular EU destinations that offer premium service or extra travel perks or route to your pass. Returning My InterRail Delivery passes. Types of Interrail Pass include the Interrail Global Pass, the Interrail One Country Pass, and the Interrail Premium Pass. The Interrail Premium Pass entitles you to book FREE train reservations. Popular choices are the Italy Pass, the Spain Pass and the France Pass.The Benelux Pass is valid in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. Try and book your seats as far in advance as possible, for most trains you can do this up to 3 months in advance. The Interrail Premium Pass entitles you to book your reservations for free using the Reservation Service. Erkunde Europa mit einem Interrail-Pass mit dem Zug. Travel across 33 countries in Europe with the best and cheapest rail pass in Europe for Europeans. If you're booking point-to-point tickets for this route at the last minute, you should consider purchasing a Spanish Interrail pass. 2 Weeks in Spain. Interrail is the best way to travel around Europe and explore up to 33 countries by rail. Cost tracking. Can I return my Interrail Pass? Reservations for domestic trains are available as e-tickets. Add your budget for things like accommodation and daily spending money and get a running total of your estimated trip cost as you edit your itinerary. Interrail premium pass for italy reservations via App. Download Interrail/Eurail’s FREE Rail Planner App. You'll receive the reservations by email as e-tickets. The app wants me to pay a fee cause it doesn't know i've got the premium pass. These can be requested up to 2 business days before your train’s departure. The pass allows unlimited rail travel in all 33 participating countries for a certain period of time. Print them out when it's convenient for you. The Interrail Pass is a rail pass available to European residents. You can choose from 31 One Country Passes. To get the free reservations, you'll need to make them at least 3 business days in advance using the Reservation Service. For all other Interrail Passes, additional reservation fees are not included. You have already subscribed to this newsletter! This is only available for travel in Italy or Spain. Independent Premium. The Interrail One Country Pass is valid in one European country of your choice. High-speed trains and night trains often require a … You can contact Interrail via their online contact form on the website, alternatively you can call them on: +31 6 365 070 59. Mit der Anmeldung für unseren Newsletter erklärst du dich mit unseren Geschäftsbedingungen einverstanden. Please note that the Interrail Pass is not valid to be used in the passholder's country of residence, apart from the one outbound and inbound journey to/from your border point of exit. These reservations are not included in your Interrail Pass. You can book trains up to 3 business days in advance using the Interrail Reservation Service. Interrail Premium Pass – valid in only Spain and Italy, and comes with the benefits of free seat reservations on all the trains you decide to travel on. If you have an Interrail Global Pass, you can travel on one travel day to leave your country of residence (outbound) and on one travel day to return (inbound). Take the first step of your epic European train travel and explore the beauties of Europe with Interrail. This Interrail Pass was formerly known as national pass or EuroDomino ticket. My InterRail Delivery. Only available at the … Last-Minute-Reisen - Keine Reservierungen. Interrail Planner Premium makes planning your Interrail trip easier & cheaper, by giving you access to extra features and exclusive discounts. Interrail Global Pass; Eurail Global Pass; One Country Passes: Interrail Benelux; Eurail Benelux; Fare conditions Fare available for a one-way journey in Premium or Comfort for 1st class Pass holders and in Standard for 2nd class Pass holders. 1. I've booked a premium pass for italy but could anyone here tell me how to book those reservations? With an Interrail Spain Premium Pass you can reserve your seats on trains* free of charge. The following 11 tips outline a foolproof way of getting the most out of your Interrail/Eurail pass. When will my Interrail paper Pass arrive? Reservation fees are included in the Interrail Premium Pass. If you only used it every other day, it would still work out as only £38 per day. Use this code to get 25% off Interrail Planner Premium: BLOG-EARLYBIRD (Valid until the end of February 2019) We’ve launched Interrail Planner Premium to make planning your trip around Europe even more convenient. The Interrail Pass is a single train pass that lets you travel as much as you want on participating European train networks for a set amount of travel days. You can buy them through our Reservation Service for 95% of the trains in Europe. The Interrail Premium Pass includes free reservations. This will let you waive the first class seat reservations fees during your trip. For intrepid travellers and backpackers, the French Riviera might not seem like the obvious base for an interrail adventure, but this region has something to offer everyone. Enjoy the best rail travel experience in Europe with our Interrail Pass! Interrail require to fill out the travel diary that they will supply you with. Yes, if your plans change you can return your pass for another pass or an 85% refund. © 2021 Interrail Planner All rights reserved. Facebook Facebook Facebook Facebook Premium Pass (Only applicable to Interrail) The Premium Pass is only available for Interrail if you wish to travel in Spain and Italy. 2 Weeks in Spain: Interrail One-Country Pass. Keep track of how many travel days your plan uses and make sure you stay within the restrictions of your chosen Interrail pass. In fact, the idea was born in America in the Fifties How Eurail paved the way for border-free European train travel Pass Tracking. Error subscribing to the newsletter. Außerdem gibt es mit etwas Glück 2 Interrail-Pässe für künftige Reisen zu gewinnen! With advance planning, spending the £41.40 per day cost of a basic adult five-days-in-15 Interrail pass would take you a long way. Home; Support I already bought my pass When will my Interrail paper Pass arrive? The Interrail Pass is also valid on the ferry between Italy and Greece operated by Attica Group. Trains that do not require a reservation are already automatically included in your … Connecting with Interrail. Hi there! Premium Pass: The premium pass allows you to book free reservations through the Interrail reservation service, meaning that you would have a guaranteed seat on all of your trains without the extra price. Armed with your Interrail pass, you can enjoy a cost-effective, convenient way to travel. There are different validities you can choose from, ranging from just 4 travel days up to a maximum of 3 months. Our dedicated team of reservation specialists handle your requests to help you plan your trip to perfection. Even a 5-days-in-1-month Interrail works out as only £36 per day for unlimited travel. By continuing to use our website, you agree to our use of cookies as outlined in our. Visit 5 cities in Spain with the Interrail One Country Pass starting from £122. An Interrail or a Eurail pass is a travel document that allows you to travel in Europe by train. Wer unseren Newsletter abonniert, erfährt als Erster von unseren aktuellen Angeboten und erhält tolle Reisetipps. Interrail Planner Premium makes planning your Interrail trip easier & cheaper, by giving you access to extra features and exclusive discounts. Keep track of how many travel days your plan uses and make sure you stay within the restrictions of your chosen Interrail pass. (No recurring payments - pay once, have it forever), The South of France is famed for its glistening, golden beaches and upmarket bars and hotels. Interrail Spain Premium Pass From £148 New promo codes: Enjoy carefree train travel in Spain with the Interrail Spain Premium Pass along with free sightseeing tours from just £148. Stay in the Loop with Interrail. Downloading Interrail/Eurail’s Rail Planner app is the very first thing you should do. Trains that do not require a reservation are already automatically included in your Pass. Residents of countries outside Europe may purchase the Eurail Pass instead. Interrail Planner uses cookies to help us provide a better experience. Travel across Europe and discover 33 countries by train with Interaill. T he Interrail pass was introduced in 1972 to provide an opportunity for passengers up to 21 years of age to discover more of Europe; it covered 21 … Besuche mit nur einem einzigen Bahnpass über 40.000 Reiseziele in 33 Ländern auf einer von dir ausgewählten Strecke. Premium pass The “Global Pass” is valid for travel within 30 European countries , while the “ One-Country” pass is better if you are planning on a thorough visit on a single country. This means you'll always have a place on trains of your choice, without having to pay additional costs. The “ Premium Pass ” is a newer addition (replacing the older regional pass), valid for Spain and Italy. Budgeting can be one of the hardest parts of planning an Interrail trip. What is Interrail/Interrailing? Interrail Planner Premium unlocks additional features within the planner: a cost tracking feature, a pass tracking feature, and a notes feature. If you have a Premium pass, you still need to book the free reservations through our Reservation Service. Coronavirus (COVID-19): Neue Updates und aktuelle Reiseinformationen findest du in unserem Coronavirus-Informationszentrum. The main idea behind this European rail pass is that you only have one ticket (which is your pass) and an unlimited amount of options to travel in European countries during the entire period your pass is valid! If you're 28 or over, the 1 month adult Interrail pass gives you unlimited travel across Europe for £19 a day - assuming you used it every day. The benefits of a Premium account are two-fold: exclusive offers & extra features! Interrail Italy Premium Pass . Your pass will be sent to you via Royal Mail with next special delivery, excluding weekends and bank holidays. Read our reservation guide for more information or book your reservations with us. Visit some of the world’s most beautiful places, meet like-minded travellers, taste fantastic food – all with one hassle-free train pass. The One Country Pass, which allows you to travel by rail in a country of your choice; Both passes are designed to make your adventure smooth and hassle-free, and you can even upgrade to a Premium Pass, which allows you to reserve seats in advance for free. Add notes to each destination so you can keep track of useful information, such as things to do or the accommodation you've booked. If you’re keen to enjoy the high life without breaking the bank,…. Many travellers imagine Interrail was the first European unlimited rail pass. Please try again later. Use this latest coupon code right away! {{translatedAttributeValidityPeriodDescription}}, {{variant.localizedTravelPackDescription}}, {{variant.localizedPassUpgradeDescription}}.