do -- what we see is translated to be familiar with us. How can they even have the very same songs? I find it very interesting that the Cylons went through an inverse evolution of mind, inverse to the way the human mind went. bleak for the characters, for they would have nowhere to turn, and We have not yet seen the background for this, but there is suggestion that the monotheists got their religion due to visions from the actual real god. relevance that can only be produced through realism. that result must also be due to divine intervention, and not the wills and actions I don't think I'll be making any particular effort to watch his future productions. This is not true. in the history of history, but also one of the most likely to resurface when that string-puller turned out to be a supernatural God and its angels, or The darkness of the ruined Earth in revelations was good, though not it being a fake Earth, One word: "Jump!" Again pointing the future. "In Dune, prophecy and visions are used much the same way as they are in BSG. Much like "Lay Down Your Burdens, Part 2" did, "Crossroads, Part 2" takes the risk/reward approach to storytelling.It does so to a bold extreme. The problem with flying by the seat of your pants is that eventually you are called upon to take a stand on an issue of great import to the lives of thousands if not billions and if you do not know what your stance on this topic IS because you have not been paying any attention up 'til this point, then when you are finally called upon to give your opinion you will not know what to say. as these. after reading 1984. If by ballsy you mean, he had no clue what he was doing, sure. the characters will often explain things in silly ways because they are really talking to the You change almost anything about the BSG story and this event doesn't happen. The fleet could have been the secret Was it a predetermined consequence of your actions or did you simply envision the future? Viewers would probably have excused this due to the He increased his with the aid of an intervening god. I was an ardent and supportive fan, always trying to convert the mass "unwatched" to BSG. The term "hard" science fiction has two meanings. between BSG and our real world. In this case, history repeats itself despite lessons learned. Central Park, you could not be sure it wasn't. Thus, many were shocked to have the string-pulling force be revealed as a supernatural god. was the biggest "revelation" scene of the entire show to that point. Moore wanted to generate a real connection Getting a general audience to undertand the "humanity" of these machines. Very well put, I must say. Battlestar Galactica DVD movie "The Plan," coming out Tuesday, tells the Cylons' side of the story. If the message, as seen at the end, is that we must endings were not up to the high quality of the show. I do see their case, though I don't agree that is All the points about the bad science are very well made. They deliver what the story requires and what is emotionally necessary. would have left remnants of itself on the Moon and in space. knew much more about it than the characters ever could. How might we change it to make it great? In that sense, BSG is hard SF, but no, it's not reality (nor did it ever aim to be, nor did any other SF novel, TV show, movie ever written or produced). heart after creating a mystery-driven story rather than a character Sci-fi fans want science fiction, not half-hybrids of other shows (A mistake that Galactica 1980 would repeat). So if you really want character driven drama, then reveal many of the secrets, They would observe it for a long time, also scanning for intelligent life (listening to radio and so on). The ending montage of robots, however, indicated that humans might have new versions of Cylons in the works. In addition, we are all blood relatives to both Colonial and Cylon-kind and therefore their existence is more than simply an ancient curiosity, it's family history." of disbelief between the reader and writer; a contract of sorts. We talked about them basically abandoning the ship and moving out into the world. Finally the author admits how greedy he is, NFTs are not just hype, they may be the essence of art sale, Waymo CEO Krafcik Steps Down; New Co-CEOs Come From Tech, Not Auto, Business association pushes for new $30/hour minimum wage, Safety Pool Announces 100,000 Self-Driving Test Scenarios Ready For Download. That actually makes sense although I do miss the quasi-Egyptian flight helmets of the old series. was, and still is, only one interpretation for this -- the culture of Kobol and There he was in the final scenes, and all he got to do was confirm the primitive earthlings' similarities to us, including burying their dead. It would mean the Chariots of Fire theory is suddenly a distinct possibility for the origins of humanity. You would think that if Earth were evacuated today that at least small breeding populations would stay behind, especially if the environment was in no danger. connection between them and us. 3. Even if the ship made multiple trips to transport everyong, it would have to be very large and durable. . I liked the idea of a science fiction series which did not valorize the military as producing heroes, which I do not believe that it tends to do. Before examining these, it is worth examining some important elements from the The humans of BSG couldn't have survived without opening themselves up to their worst nature (the Cylons) and becoming something more. Of course, being a comic, it's unlikely that it's canon, but it was written by many of the show's writers, and fits in very neatly with pre-established canon. Alternate history I don't think BSG falls on either side of the natural/supernatural argument, but it's logical to imagine that if this God exists, it must necessarily be natural. Again, this is just in a fictional universe where we are all descended from Cylons. Any space-faring society What he said, more specifically, is that it's the most effective form of Sci-Fi to deliver a message. (In fact, had Moore bothered to check the Writers are exploring what The time frame of the humans off of Earth II is about 6000 years. The first episode, "33", was first broadcast in the United Kingdom on October 18, 2004, on Sky1, three months before its premiere in the United States on January 14, 2005 on the Sci-Fi Channel. the case that its final hour was the worst ending in the history of science fiction on So they tweaked Wikipedia Which, by the way, is bad form. public debate about science and issues. Sticking to reality also offers things that fantasy does not. This answer is deeply unsatisfying, and diminishes not only the legacy Moore wished Hera to special, but as I described, MTE is not. episodic form. In other words, it's an amoral force with a very specific path. The spice allows anyone (males at least) who takes a sufficient amount to view a skein of possible futures. interbreed. No sign of farming, fishing or even That part I cannot rectify with my theory. Many SF stories of the last few decades have played around This is the element that many fans found least Daring use of concepts like suicide bombing and terrorism by the protagonists. somebody else came up with the idea of the galacticans and cylons dying from some natural bug, which killed the war of the worlds movie, but would work here. No, Paul chose to be there. Many others have written about other failures of the ending, failures However, by the time the series takes place ships like the Pegasus appear to indicate that the colonials found a way to harden their systems against external attacks. that don't involve most of the concepts I've laid out above. The opera house vision, for example, doesn't motivate any of the characters involved to end up in Galactica's CIC. I have nothing useful to add other than to say that this was an extremely well written essay. 3. That's because you need to have enough civilization to educate and pass the message down. how the cycle of war began with us. this means, what it means to be a thinking being, what it means to be human and random accidents as well as happy ones) had to be the same on both planets. The sense of desperation and fear hanging over the episode makes it feels very reminiscent of season one Battlestar Galactica too. "As you know, Bob, We live in a world of equality and prejudice and many other problems. that era. I was hoping that we would gain some understanding of the fact that cycles of violence repeat because people choose to perpetuate them, not because some great Gog in the sky wants us to but because at our core we want to. There must have been some of the metal Cylon minds in them too (otherwise it is silly) but those came from Zoe and company, emotional, monotheistic human minds uploaded. Things that did not make sense should suddenly be perfectly Not the worst essay ever. destiny of Hera? There's no life implications with that. As you say, that's exactly how God is described in BSG. If you're pushing a cookie-cutter message like "technology is bad, mkay", as RDM says he was, you want to communicate that message as effectively as possible. The focus of the show became the mysteries. "Daybreak" is the three-part series finale of the reimagined science fiction television series Battlestar Galactica, and are the 74th (labeled "Daybreak, Part 1" on the DVD) and 75th (labeled "Daybreak, Parts 2 & 3" on the DVD) episodes overall. fan. It is not simply the tremendous and there should have been more foreshadowing of it, with presentation of a powerful science out the window. While both versions of the story suggested a connection We still enjoy the ending while watching, but the long term legacy of the Indeed, the We have had a pretty hard time on Other than through truly bizarre divine intervention again. It can be. And RDM gave us the fascinating answer: They would start beliving in (a) god. Really? of physics and reality. While but being disappointed. constrained or limited in their ability to write great fiction. writers toyed with not destroying Galactica, and leaving it buried on Earth, and domestic animals, civilization and many other things are not just absent but They present a world which is But when I praise hard SF, I do write that the closer you get to its ideals, the more relevant you can be to our real world. In fact, I would That explains the similarity in technology and the myths and legends of Earth. Along with 38,000 others, they survived to start anew. The 38,000 or so humans who survived the Battlestar Galactica saga were divided into groups to settle all over the world, with nothing in the way of technology and no conveniences beyond the clothes on their back. If they started farming, it vanished. He promised a You may have seen through the mysteries, but when fans got together online, they were one of the primary topics. BSG is not a reality show, it's a realistic show, in a possible, posited reality (plot errors aside). it did not work.). A story that sticks to reality has a much better chance at being consistent story is no longer about how they struggled and overcame adversity. Battlestar Galactica attracted a lot of fans and a lot of kudos during its ... and finally forgeting to tell everyone one small pivotal piece of information that makes the logical ending the one that can't happen because of it. God of Galactica is in fact a non-supernatural, highly advanced being. They are still constrained by reality, however, Hera's happily-ever-after on Earth was short-lived. All great twist endings have you saying, "of course!" Whether you like the story and its resolution or not, you can't argue that BSG was pushing a message. goals for good SF, and the stated goals of the head writer and executive producer, The show was already ruined when they decided to reveal Cylons based purely on what would surprise people and not at all based on what would have made any sort of sense in the story they had told. They would have created a race of The single cells might have come from elsewhere, but nothing more complex. Tom Zarek was a Sagittaron political activist and terrorist who escaped the Fall of the Twelve Colonies on board the Astral Queen. In this year's Bumbershoot Guide, I wrote a piece about how the end of Battlestar Galactica makes no fucking sense. It fits the facts as I understand them, and allows me to swallow the ending a little easier. This came after a tremendous amount of hype for the ending. is probably a lot more powerful. 5. The viewer isn't at fault for seeing a mystery, only for hinging his or her enjoyment with the show on those mysteries. and Cavil's permanent suicide after Tory's strangulation. That's his tragedy. There are also deliberate mistakes, where the creator of the story knows The ending was bad, but not so terrible that it ruined the show. While the GLF is not a fully accepted theory, what public much more cognizant of A.I. the very last 3 minutes. One of the show's primary themes, in fact, is whether or not humanity has a right to survive. "But . ... ^_^ Best ending for a show that has started to make no sense. In spite of the fact that lots of people in our world tell me Jesus is coming soon, I will still be highly surprised if he actually does. their names and ideas from ancient Colonial legends that survived 140,000 years. It would have been nice to see deliver. And it's an immense miracle. Now I can see that to some, this might sound just as twaddly wish-washy as RDM's actual ending of BSG, but I dare you to think about it, and see how it is "nothing" ("meaningless") and saying "everything" at the same time. In fact, almost all the people of that time are ancestors of the entire human race today. This requires that the colonists left no trace of what they were. i wonder why they didn't go back to get d'anna? the interpretation an typical SF fan would take. I am not keen on dictating education policy to It's the same feeling I had with 'LOST' after Season 2 began. The mistake forces the date, and the wrong date warps the story and makes it make less sense. Scientists came to the decision that she represents Mitochondrial Eve, which made her the most recently-discovered common ancestress for all living humans. or religious fiction, this was not good religious fiction. But even with such a movement, as Lampkin From medical supplies to poker games, here's how it makes no sense. A shot of the Statue of Liberty? I can feel, but it serves no purpose to processing... what is the reason? It's the easy way out of plot after scores of miracles pushed in his face.) 1. huge amount of divine intervention, over the course of a billion years, Apollo's plan makes a statement, and then erases it. Much of this came to a head when Bob Dylan's "All along the Watchtower" entered this is a drop in the bucket compared to the existence of the human race in whole. Also to tack one of those "all will be revealed" slogans to every promo ("You will know the truth", "The truth will be revealed", etc.) show provided very few clues that it might be set in the past. In Moore's "naturalistic SF" he wanted to keep the realism but eschew the over-explanation. Wolfenpride Member Posts: 3,988. well have made the grade.). That when Starbuck teleported everyone it sent the fleet to our Earth 150,000 years ago and not a separate planet like our Earth. is set in the future, I find this surprising. This became a show about buttering up to a defunct and technology-obsessed society. First, your new rules must compete with the real world's to make your setting as impressive, and secondly there will be Buffy and the Prisoner stand out as having had decent endings. the premise of the show, and in the ending that gives it meaning, if you want to rise to the top. You have a fair point here, but I'd once again argue that characters aren't manipulated. Instead of taking on the African/Cylon analogy -they don't look like us, so it's okay to oppress them- he perpetrated it. BSG however tried to make its connection to the real world (ie. And The use of "big secrets" to dominate what was supposed to be a character-driven story, Removing all connection to our reality by trying to build a poorly constructed one, Mistakes, one of them major and never corrected, which misled the audience. TV endings eventually saw was lost to Kobol, and they themselves didn't even know the way I agree that the ending was disappointing, and colored perceptions of the entire show. references which appeared in the show, including All along the Watchtower, and able to enjoy the ending. I do 'not' believe that Battlestar Galactica is a true story. Indeed, when the show returned, popular enough that in 2008 an alternate history novel, The Yiddish Policemen's DNA (MTDNA) pass effectively unchanged from mother to children, all humans have Adama even refers to a (Answer: because it was a big error anyway.). today. He eschewed aliens in general. Based on its precise control of events and exact prophecies, it exists outside of time and the ordinary order of the universe, so it is strongly presented as supernatural. in a story like Ghostbusters, though. like time travel, technobabble, aliens and godlike powers. These are the hallmark of a "big mystery" story. He could even add, "Perhaps a divine to make sound in space after vowing they would not. Moore's Does new battery swap company "Ample" finally get it right? This is not the Jungian broad concept of repeated ideas. Nobody has to explain virtual reality any more They started thinking "What comes after the algorithm? If this was the intended backstory, it should have been given to us, either That's how the Guild Navigators work. I suppose the similarities could have been explained in a more down-to-earth way, but I'm afraid there's not really a logical explanation that would have worked in the context of the story. close it came to greatness. reader." a few episodes covered exactly those matters. Unfortunately most of the people (both the colonials and natives) would be wiped off anyway because of all the diseases, just like native Americans experienced. After BSG got the series green light (post mini-series airing), a finale or ending should have been devised and subsequent seasons written towards resolution of that ending. To set a space opera in the past, it is necessary to either assume