His very first victim, a wealthy socialite named Henry Claridge, died … Batman 1 - "The Joker Returns" 3. Batman 4 - "The Case of the Joker's Crime Circus" 6. A former chemist turned criminal, the Clown Prince of Crime was formed when a dunk in a chemical vat deformed both his features and his mind! Well, it is a period from 1938 until 1949 in which there was a significant boom in superhero comics, and we were introduced to many iconic characters such as Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, Joker, and many others. Golden Age Comics (1938-1956): When the Joker character first appeared in Batman #1, he was portrayed as a maniacal sociopath who would murder characters seemingly for the sake of entertainment. However, later in the 1940s, the Joker evolved from a homicidal maniac into a … Joker Chronology. Sure, he's depicted as Emperor Joker here, but it's all menace by a cheerful exterior. And that code does not include clumsy, brutal crimes! Free shipping. He has a gang to do his actions, and he's that stereotypical evil. Im looking for Golden age Joker covers, raw or slabbed. Joker also appears in series spin-off games Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight, Persona 5 Strikers, ... but is a savior sent to usher in a golden age for Japan, though anyone aware of Shido's true colors realizes that this "golden age" would be a fascist dictatorship. To go to the Joker (Golden Age) biography click here. “What is the Golden Age of Comics”, you may ask? $159.96. The Golden Age Joker. 1. The Golden Age Joker is just mad. Detective 45 - "The Case of the Laughing Death" 5. He kills for fun. Issue: Comment: Reprinted in: Batman #1: 1st Appearance, vs. the Batman (2 stories, 1st appearance and "Return of the Joker") The Golden Age Joker – List of Appearances . Make Offer - Batman #86 dc comics 1954 1st Batmarine appearance Joker team story golden age. $1,049.99 +$10.00 shipping. Bruce Wayne The Joker was a professional criminal leader who terrorized the streets of Gotham City. He doesn't just CARE about Batman. Golden Age is a cinema and bar in the old screening room of the heritage-listed Paramount Pictures Building in Surry Hills, Sydney. Batman #86 dc comics 1954 1st Batmarine appearance Joker team story golden age. The Joker is America's most cunning criminal, but at the same time he has his own peculiar code of honor! Please PM me if you have any available. He … Even by Golden Age standards, Bob Kane and Bill Finger’s Joker is a whirling dervish of chaos and anarchy. Click to list by alphabetically by title Detective Comics #168 (February 1951): "The Man Behind the Red Hood" [Flashback] Batman #1 (spring 1940): [The Joker] Batman #1/4 (spring 1940): "The Joker Returns" Batman Legacy Golden Age Joker Figure: Highlighting the comic history of Batman through the ages, this collection includes a total of six figures: two from the Golden Age, two from the Silver Age and two from the Modern Age. Batman 2 - (this story has no title - involves the Pharaoh's Gems-Catwoman appearance) 4. Detective Comics #91 Comic Book 1944 Joker Cover. Batman 1 - "The Joker" (1st Joker Appearance) 2.